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Series Gummy
Spec 60ct/bottle
Material Apple
Color Red
Brand Hemprino
Model G004
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Although all forms of high-quality ACV supplements offer a host of health benefits, many people choose gummies for a number of reasons. As we’ve noted, ACV has a very sour taste, but in gummy form, it’s much more palatable.

Even when supplements and vitamins don’t have an unpleasant taste, health professionals find that dietary supplement users often prefer gummies. Gummies actually accounted for 12% of all dietary supplements sold in 2018; up 16% from the previous year.

Analysts said those who take gummies do so for many reasons. For one, gummies don’t resemble medicine, and they don’t taste like it either, so they don’t carry any sort of associated stigma for the user. Plus, they’re easy to ingest and portable.

It’s worth noting that liquid apple cider vinegar has been found to cause major damage to the enamel on your teeth. It has also been found to cause burns to the throat and other areas (if impacted by the liquid). You can avoid these potential woes by simply getting your ACV in gummy form!