About us
Hemprino is one of the largest developer and manufacturer of  Supplements, Skincare products  and Hemp-Derived CBD products, with Headquarter in ShenZhen and Branch office and factory in Guangzhou City.
Customers come to trust us because we provide END-TO-END SOLUTION, including market research, product development, packaging design, mass production, quality control and value-added logistic service, to help customers keep ahead of competition and achieve maximum benefits. Come and find out why so many key customers come to rely on us for their business solutions.

1. Company Resources: Hemprino has sufficient functional teams: marketing & sales (32 members), designing (7 members), sourcing (6 members), manufacturing (200+ workers), quality control (6 staff members), logistic (4 members) and IT (5 members), We also have Nutritionist and Pharmacist. Hemprino is able to give you the best support on any OEM/ODM Project or new business development.
2. Excellent Service: Our sales team is professionally trained to be keen on customers' needs, provide alternative solutions and offer best value products. Our management team strives to improve operational effectiveness to give customers best support.
3. Good Quality: Hemprino understands good quality is critical to business success, thus we always implements strict quality control practice to ensure all the goods are up to standard.
4: Rich Experience: to work with famous international company or project, Hemprino has rich experience to work with some famous international companies in Europe, the USA, Japan and Dubai. We understand the rules of international trade and principles of every country.